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February 10, 2021


I’m starting with my sock critters, but there will be many more treats here soon!

Valencia the Love Bug kitty
Hoagy the Elephant
Zeppo the Dog
Benny the Bunny with his Carrot purse with card enclosure
Beau the monkey
Po the Piggie


I’m Obsessed with Making Patterns!

June 19, 2020









Patterns of Deliciousness

June 17, 2020










Sock Animals and more Sock Animals!

December 13, 2017

I have been very busy lately, so many critters, so many socks!


If you’d like to donate any of your used, worn-out but CLEAN socks, I’d be delighted. They can even have holes, thin areas or be heel-less. I especially love argyle or polka dot, but I can work with anything. I love to keep them out of the land-fill, and into some special somebodies arms. Read the rest of this entry »

2018- Two new workshops: Paste Paper & Accordion Book Making

February 12, 2015

I am so excited to be teaching 2 wonderful day-long workshops at Mendocino College, on the Ukiah Campus. Sign up early, as there is only space for 15 students. Info here.

Learning the Art of Paste Paper

March 10, 2018 (Saturday 10:30am–4:30pm)


Create an Accordion Book

March 17, 2018 (Saturday 10:30am–4:30pm)

Note that they can be taken separately or together.

Portrait of Spike- paste paper collage

Portrait of Spike- paste paper collage

Accordion books, filled with Paste Paper swatches

Accordion books, filled with Paste Paper swatches

Paste Paper

Paste Paper

Using a rolling pin...

Using a rolling pin…

  • Paste paper, an age-old method of mixing paste and pigment, layering it, and then using tools to scrape, scratch and draw through the layers not only renders beautiful results on paper but also opens the artist to new creative experiences. Using this technique and others, we will create a collection of unique, personalized papers for your book and collage projects.

In the second workshop, we will learn a classic, versatile yet basic book form to use with our new stash of decorated papers, or any decorated papers you may have.


Reinventing Collage with Mixed Media

May 28, 2014

We had a wonderful 4-day intensive mixed media collage workshop at the Mendocino Art Center. We explored working with acrylic paints & mediums, assemblage, gluing, tearing, layering, cutting, drawing, and scratching  to create unique, layered paintings and 3-D assemblages.

Whether it be a spontaneous collage or a carefully planned assemblage, from a memorial altar to a mixed-media collage, we learned countless techniques & exercises that brought us into the flow…..


I love Paste Paper!

May 25, 2014

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The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

September 9, 2013

Workshop 2013: The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

As many of you know, Paste Paper is one of my favorite things to create & teach, as it is a process one can get lost in, that connects the artist to a deeper place.

P.S. Here’s some Student Testimonials from prior workshops:  “Susan is delightful!”…….”one of the most encouraging and inspiring instructors I’ve ever had”……”Susan’s combination of rigor and playfulness was absolutely perfect for me”….”lots of experimentation”….”Playful spirit”……..”Great workshop!!!”….”Susan is fantastic. I enjoy her knowledge, skills & beautiful energy!”

Reinventing Collage through Mixed-Media

September 9, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASGROSS_Fineart_ReinventingCollMixedmedia__1


Mixed-media collage, a way to re-contextualize everyday objects to create new works of art, is one of the most expressive ways to explore and expand your creative practice. Adding acrylic paints, 3-dimensional objects and working in layers provides the freedom to work in the moment and be open to discovery. In this workshop, you will be guided through techniques and processes to enhance spontaneity and help you to transform your way of working…or playing!

Reinvention through Collage

March 21, 2013

Collage, a way to re-contextualize everyday objects to create new works of art, is one of the most forgiving and expressive ways to explore and expand your creative practice. In this workshop we will start both with a blank slate and bring previously created “broken” artwork for reinvention. Susan will guide you through techniques and processes to enhance spontaneity and help you to transform something old or discarded into something new and fresh. Students are encouraged to bring things they wish to transform: old artwork, objects or mementos such as letters, photos, eyeglasses, baby shoes — anything they are holding onto and would like to honor through the reinvention that is collage.