My handmade Brag Books AKA accordion with wrap-a-round covers





These sweet little books are so fun to make, they are almost like a wallet, with an accordion book inside. I made a bunch for my family to use as brag books. What a wonderful way to keep snazzy pictures of cute kidlets (OK, and cute others) handy.

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2 Responses to “My handmade Brag Books AKA accordion with wrap-a-round covers”

  1. Julie (Joypup on SCS) Says:

    Ohhh, these are soooooo sweeeeeet! I have GOT to get a recipe for paste paper and try some. I know I have one around here somewhere… Your colors are so vibrant! I want to try making some with my daughter, Bright, too. So glad to have this blog as inspiration… I definitely hope that there is a way to subscribe, as I need a kick in the head to remember to surf back here!

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Oh, I will pass on the hello, but Barb is sure busy these days…

  2. michael Says:

    honey, these are so sweet and thoughtful – they’re like hierlooms! x m

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