More Ink on Paste Drawings

Here are a few more of my ink on paste drawings. Or are they paintings? I had some extra paste paper wheat paste mixed with paint, and then topped it with ink. I am making digital prints of these.


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2 Responses to “More Ink on Paste Drawings”

  1. Provocative Paste Papers « Silverspring Studio Says:

    […] Gross offers her own delectable set of paste papers, including what she calls ink on paste drawings (which I would like to find more information about. Susan also wrote this post, but she is spare in […]

    • Susan Says:

      Hi there- love your blog! My ink and paste drawings are just paintings I did using the same mixed up colors (wheat paste & acrylic paint) I use for paste paper. I had some leftovers, and just painted as if i was using watercolor or acrylic. Then I used black ink on top. It was fun & spontaneous…

      ; )

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