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2010: I am Teaching Three Spring Workshops!

December 9, 2009

Two at the Mendocino Art Center:

April 24 – 26    The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

Paste paper, an age-old method of mixing paste and pigment, layering it, and then using tools to scrape, scratch and draw through the layers not only renders beautiful results on paper but also opens the artist to new creative experiences. Using this technique and others, we will create a stockpile of unique, personalized papers for your book and collage projects. We will also learn a basic book form to use with our new stash of decorated papers. All levels of students welcome. Class Fee: $150 Member $175 NonMember

May 22 – 23   Reinvention and Play Through Collage

Collage, a way to re-contextualize everyday objects to create new works of art, is one of the most forgiving and expressive ways to explore and expand your creative practice. Susan will guide you through techniques and processes to enhance spontaneity and help you to transform something old or discarded into something new and fresh. Bring objects you wish to transform: old artwork, objects, mementos—anything you would like to honor through the reinvention that is collage.  All levels welcome. Class Fee: $150 Member $175 NonMember

and One at the Gualala Arts Center:

Paste, Papers, Books and Beyond

June 19 – 2o    Paste Papers, Books and Beyond

(See the class description for “The Ancient Art of Paper Papers” at the Mendocino Art Center above.)

Class Fee: $95 Member $115 NonMember, materials fee: $20