brainfaceavatr.jpgHi there- I am an artist living in the beautiful Anderson Valley in northern California. Boonville, to be exact. (Yes- the official boonies!) After 18 years in San Francisco, I am serenely thrilled to be here amidst the apple trees, vineyards and creative folk like myself. I also have been teaching in my Boonville Art Barn, a wonderful community art space for classes, workshops, membership, paste paper parties and whatever else may come to  mind!

Some of the classes I teach at Mendocino College  are Book Arts, Collage, Printmaking, 3-D Art & Design and a Creativity class. I also continue to design and create logos, lettering and illustrations. To see some of my classic design work please look at my website at http://www.susangross.com.


One Response to “About”

  1. Bryan Dechter Says:


    Wonderful to see your creative energies expanding and flowering! Good luck with the Art Barn!

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