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4 Day workshop: Reinventing Collage with Mixed Media; June 12-15, 2014

May 28, 2014

It’s that time again, I will be teaching a wonderful 4-day intensive mixed media collage workshop at the Mendocino Art Center. Have you always wanted to know how to work with acrylic paints & mediums, assemblage, gluing, tearing, layering, cutting, drawing, scratching and who knows what else to create unique, layered paintings or 3-D assemblages? Here’s your chance!

Whether it be a spontaneous collage or a carefully planned assemblage, from a memorial altar to a mixed-media collage, you’ll learn countless techniques & exercise to get your engine running and to bring you into the flow…..Register online at Toll-free 800-653-3328, ext.10



I love Paste Paper!

May 25, 2014

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September 2013: The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

September 9, 2013 2013: The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

September 20–22, 2013 (Friday–Sunday, 9:30 am–4:30 pm)
at the Mendocino Art Center

As many of you know, Paste Paper is one of my favorite things to create & teach, as it is a process one can get lost in, that connects the artist to a deeper place. Why? How? Well you’ll just have to sign up to find out! Not only will this open you up to the world of color, texture and painting, you will also leave with a large collection of unusual & beautiful papers, and an accordion book as well.

I hope to see you.



P.S. Here’s some Student Testimonials from prior workshops:  “Susan is delightful!”…….”one of the most encouraging and inspiring instructors I’ve ever had”……”Susan’s combination of rigor and playfulness was absolutely perfect for me”….”lots of experimentation”….”Playful spirit”……..”Great workshop!!!”….”Susan is fantastic. I enjoy her knowledge, skills & beautiful energy!”

2010: I am Teaching Three Spring Workshops!

December 9, 2009

Two at the Mendocino Art Center:

April 24 – 26    The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

Paste paper, an age-old method of mixing paste and pigment, layering it, and then using tools to scrape, scratch and draw through the layers not only renders beautiful results on paper but also opens the artist to new creative experiences. Using this technique and others, we will create a stockpile of unique, personalized papers for your book and collage projects. We will also learn a basic book form to use with our new stash of decorated papers. All levels of students welcome. Class Fee: $150 Member $175 NonMember

May 22 – 23   Reinvention and Play Through Collage

Collage, a way to re-contextualize everyday objects to create new works of art, is one of the most forgiving and expressive ways to explore and expand your creative practice. Susan will guide you through techniques and processes to enhance spontaneity and help you to transform something old or discarded into something new and fresh. Bring objects you wish to transform: old artwork, objects, mementos—anything you would like to honor through the reinvention that is collage.  All levels welcome. Class Fee: $150 Member $175 NonMember

and One at the Gualala Arts Center:

Paste, Papers, Books and Beyond

June 19 – 2o    Paste Papers, Books and Beyond

(See the class description for “The Ancient Art of Paper Papers” at the Mendocino Art Center above.)

Class Fee: $95 Member $115 NonMember, materials fee: $20

“Open Secret” Workshop at the Mendo Art Center

June 2, 2008

I am so excited- in two weeks I will be teaching a week long Book Arts workshop entitled “Open Secrets” at the Mendocino Art Center. Marci Easterbrook, a wonderful artist/teacher had to cancel and asked me to fill-in for her. It will be a wonderful week on the gorgeous Mendocino Coast! Check their site online or give them a call for more info, they’re at 707. 937-5818 or 800.653-3328. Email them at

“Open Secret”: Artist book forms and materials can reveal and conceal. Learning techniques of multiple folds, pop ups, sewing and inserts, we will make several small books and one complex folded book based on Heidi Kyle’s model. Embossing and transfer printing by press and hand will create unique papers with photo, painting, or drawing sources. This class is packed with resources and hands on methods for use at home or in the classroom. Materials fee: $20. Tuition: $325. (Discounts available now for Mendo County residents.)

Mini-Book Pendants

May 12, 2008

OK, so I am obsessed. Is this anything new? I have made some teeny-tiny books that one can wear around ones’ neck. They are great for love poems, mantras, inspiring words or pictures you like to keep close to your heart at all times. I love picking the teeniest pieces of beautiful paste paper for the covers. These are just the beginning, I have so many more ideas, I just wish I had some time! As I write, I am making more to sell in our Art barn at the upcoming Anderson Valley Art Tour over this Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy!

My handmade Brag Books AKA accordion with wrap-a-round covers

April 3, 2008





These sweet little books are so fun to make, they are almost like a wallet, with an accordion book inside. I made a bunch for my family to use as brag books. What a wonderful way to keep snazzy pictures of cute kidlets (OK, and cute others) handy.

Collages with found stuff

March 27, 2008


OK, so I have an obsession with leaves. I love them, delicious and colorful and surrounding me everyday. I especially love the sound of the wind as it shakes through our great eucalyptus, it gives me chills. (The good kind.) I also love books, and besides collecting and making them, I have been known to alter them or repurpose what I call “dying” old books. I find the quality of the paper delicate and beautiful. I am always finding things on my walks- bits of paper, rusty things, leaves, petals, rocks, anything that strikes my fancy. I love creating something new with found treasures.

March 21, 2008


Paste paper accordion books

March 21, 2008




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