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I love Paste Paper!

May 25, 2014

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The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

September 9, 2013

Workshop 2013: The Ancient Art of Paste Papers

As many of you know, Paste Paper is one of my favorite things to create & teach, as it is a process one can get lost in, that connects the artist to a deeper place.

P.S. Here’s some Student Testimonials from prior workshops:  “Susan is delightful!”…….”one of the most encouraging and inspiring instructors I’ve ever had”……”Susan’s combination of rigor and playfulness was absolutely perfect for me”….”lots of experimentation”….”Playful spirit”……..”Great workshop!!!”….”Susan is fantastic. I enjoy her knowledge, skills & beautiful energy!”

Mendocino Art Center “Open Secrets”- 5 Days of Handmade Books!

July 15, 2008

What a full summer it has been! A few weeks back I spent a lovely week on the coast at the Mendocino Art Center teaching a Book Arts workshop entitled “Open Secrets.” What an incredible experience. The class was wonderful- it was an intimate group which led to a lot of collaboration and creative discoveries. The chemistry of the four of us was perfect and to say we bonded is an understatement! The MAC staff and other workshop faculty and students who were also there only added to the fun.

We made paste paper, accordion books, sewn-in pamplets, learned pop-ups, tried some various transfer techniques, but the biggest nut to crack: learning to make Hedi Kyle’s blizzard book. This is an ingeniously designed origami-like folded book that has no stitching or glue. There are pockets that can be used as such, or folded open to reveal hidden gems. It was a folding, collaging, creating, paste paper-ing extravaganza.

Paste paper accordion books

March 21, 2008




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Paste paper, paste paper, how do I love thee?

March 20, 2008

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Let me count the ways: chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, no! Bright and swirly, dark and scratchy, calm and centered, electric and spazzy, patterned, textured, thick n goopy- why oh why do you delight me so?