The Boonville Art Barn

Please go to our Boonville Art Barn site to see what we are up to!


4 Responses to “The Boonville Art Barn”

  1. Anne Rosenthol Says:

    Hi Susan. My friend April and I took a class from you at Mendo College years ago and were wondering if there are any spring or summer 2012 workshops coming up at the Boonville Barn. I saw some art onthe site from lots of people I know from when I lived in Boonville. Would love to come over from Ukiah and take a class in collage art. I did see a class offered at the Mendo Art Center in May but dates posted here conflicted with whats on the MAC site. Please contact me. We did feng shui intention collages for New years and got inspired again.

    • Susan Says:

      Hi Anne- Of course I remember you & April! (Tell April I am still enjoying my beautiful wrist warmers…) Thanks for emailing. I will be teaching a 3-D art class at the college this Spring semester, and 2 workshops (May & June) at the Mendocino Art Center. So far I don’t have anything planed in the Barn, but I will add you to my email list if you’d like.
      In May:
      May 26–27, 2012 (Saturday–Sunday, 9:30 am–4:30 pm)

      and then in June:
      June 18-22, 2012

      I hope you are doing well!
      ; )

  2. Susan Addison Says:

    Hi Susan – Have been thinking about you recently as I am taking a collage class through Santa Barbara City College. Am having a wonderful time and am most grateful to you for introducing me to collage art. Glad to learn through this site that you are still teaching at the college and at Mendocino Art Center.

    Very best, Susan Addison

    • Susan Says:

      Susan- I am so glad that you are continuing with collage! I bet Santa Barbara City College has a great class. I hope you are enjoying life down south, things are well up here- just hoping for rain!

      ; )

      P.S. I will be teaching 2 collage workshops at Mendocino Art Center in May & June- (just in case you still get up here now & then!)

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